The 2016 ACU East Midland Adult Trials Championships will comprise of four rounds, all condensed into five-week period early in the year, with the best three rounds to count. The series will also revert to TSR22A - Stop Permitted rules and feature championships for expert, intermediate, novice, over forty and twin-shocks.

Lincoln MC&CC's Boilermakers Trial sets the ball rolling on 10th January at Manton Quarry and this event will incorporate the Centre's John Bull Team Championship and the Bull Dog Novice Team Championship. The remaining dates are 24th January at Earl Shilton, 31st January, Pegasus MCC and finally back at Earl Shilton on 7th February.

The Youth series will also use TSR22A and begin at Lincoln on 10th January before moving to Sutton Falcons on 20th March. Mansfield Maun will host round three on 3rd April, which will include the Youth John Bull Team event. Round four moves to the North Derbyshire Youth MCC on 7th August before winding up at Earl Shilton the following week with the best four of the five rounds counting.

The sidecar Championship remains a single round, Mansfield Maun's Doncaster Cup on 23rd October.

All events will use multi-route sections and will be enter on the day!

For more information contact the relevant club direct or David Chapman on 01526 323338 or chapman.david@btinternet.com

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